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The Earth Shook, the crust cracked, the clouds began to spead like it didn't want expose human ordasity. And so, with the rest of the becoming of nature. The flowers closed as if it didn't want to except the last one main breath that it needed. So now the dawn dust whimpers to a child of an unhappy one. One of to oppose the thoughts of a darkside, but the child follows deep to a heart of a love one. And in this, this child. The flowers bloomed, it rained and the grass grew, its clear and the sky is blue. So there's peace now, and a not a roar. There's grass and not just crust, and there's space among the clouds. And now the body rest.



The Poetry Zone is a place where writers come to express their best works of art in a contest, that pays a $3000.00 to the winner. As our Publishing House grows we are soon to be releasing an Anthology, which will undoubtedly tip the scale Internationally within the writing community. Judges: Prof. Jaqueline Keren, Andrew Holt, Prof. Lewis Gordon, and Mucci. Editor: Dr O'Neil, Staff: Mayle, Mr Marshall, Chris Oaks, Prof. Sisovsky. Submissions are open from June 1 -Sep. 25, 2019. Entry Fee $5.00 Submit 'Poems' as an email attachment to:

We know how important it is to be publish, as our goal at The Poetry Zone is to have first rights for new writers looking to express their talents to the world. Poets must have the ability to dive deep into the corners of their subconscious to produce exceptional imagery. You must be willing to push the letter to uncover an emotional bond with our judges, and captivate the most avid reader with your words. All poets must possess authenticity, that seperates you from other writers in order to be excepted in the poetry zone.

Our main reason for giving a poetry contest is to choose from several distinctive writers to be published in our anthology. It is a great opportunity for unknown writers to have their works seen across the world by readers who crave the creation of poety. Keep in mind that writers who have been published are welcome to submit their work, as well. To the up and coming artist in the world, we encourage you to strike a mighty pen to the pad. Now is the time, the place, and the moment you have been waiting, thus far to establish your name as an author. Evolve with us.



Poets can write any structure or style. It does not matter if it's a' Rhyme Scheme, Non-Rhyming, Long, Short, Acrostic, Haiku, Loop, Cinquain, Nonet, Love, Sonnet, or soulmate.' Deadline Ends September 1,2019. The winner we be announced on October 1, 2019, and poets selected for our anthology will be notified by email on October 5, 2019. Paper submission will be accepted only if you seperate the title page with your name and contact information. Send paper entries with a check or money order for $5 to the address below: Electronic Submissions are sent Via Email to: Pay your Entry Fee on this Webpage by following the link at the top of the page.


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